Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Key West - Solved Computer Problem

The palm tees are impossibly tall, even in the middle of town
Last night I couldn't access the site I used to post my blog. I could access all other sites that didn't require a secure connection (https secure vs http non-secure). What a weird problem. As usual with problem of this kind, I googled the problem and found lots of advice. Most of it didn't work but one site had the right of it. So I banged around with the recommended changes and finally I could access my blog site again. I thought I might have to reinstall Windows again, ugh.

Within a 5 minute walk is huge hardware store, a West Marine and another marine store - lots to spend money on
With my laptop being down, I did the blog last night with my iPad, not as much control but it gets the job done. By the way, I never seem to have these types of problems with Apple products. So after spending most of the morning with the laptop problem, we went for a walk along some of the backways between streets that offer very quiet apartments and houses off the beaten path. We enjoyed the solitude since the swimming pool has been taken over by spring breakers during the day. It's almost 1/2 mile away from us but it's still very loud - they must play everything at the max setting.Thankfully, everyone quits a 6:00 and now we have peace and quiet.

We just heard today from Kenny Lutz, a Poughkeepsie Yacht Club member, who's coming down to visit with us over St Patrick's Day. He'll stay on the boat for the event. We're looking forward to seeing Kenny again.


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