Sunday, March 8, 2015

Key West - Morning pastries and a great sunset

Sarah's manatee is alive and well in the harbor
We don't walk or exercise on the weekend so this morning it was just pastries from Old Town Bakery and a morning paper.  The place is one of the premier bakeries in Key West but they do not have donuts, just pastries and bread. However, the offerings they have are outstanding but they are at Key West prices ($2.50/each). So we had one apiece and relaxed in the cockpit. We had some morning showers, the first for a couple of weeks but the afternoon cleared up and we reached our usual high of 80 today.

In the afternoon we took a walk down Duval Street and found crowds. The sidewalks were walkable but you had to dodge the people. The spring breakers are present but they do not outnumber the usual vacationers (families with kids). I think the cost of Key West keeps most of them away. The paper today said the occupancy rate in the hotels is at 99.1%, up from 95% last year. Key West is booming.

Everybody was lined up to see the sunset, what a crowd!
After dinner I took Hoolie over to Mallory Square. With the time change to Daylight Savings Time, it's still daylight at my dog walking time of 7:00 pm. So Hoolie and I watched the sunset. I keep taking a video of the event in the hopes of seeing the green flash but not tonight. I'll continue trying.