Saturday, March 21, 2015

Key West - Engine work, visit with Harry and nice night sky

Our night sky, Venus over the moon with Mars just to the right of the moon
I changed the oil and filter in the diesel (Volvo) and the outboard and in the process noticed that the diesel was leaking fuel, misting actually. It's not a bad leak but it could get worse and needs attention. So in this internet age of connectivity I took a video of the leak on my iPhone along with a few photos and emailed it up north to Brian of McDonnell Marine. Hopefully, it just requires tightening of some of the connections and not a complete redo. However, knowing which nuts to tighten and which ones not to touch is not trivial, hopefully Brian can help.

Harry with his Wahoo lure
Tonight we were invited over for fresh caught grouper by Harry, our friend from Amenia, NY who"s down her on retirement. Paula cooked a wonderful dinner. There's nothing quite like fresh grouper and Paula knows the best recipes. Harry's going out fishing tomorrow with a huge lure to catch wahoo, I'm sure he'll get one or several.

Mars is to the right of the moon

On the way back to the boat, we noticed the night sky with a new moon, Venus and with Mars just to the right of the moon, beautiful. It's been an unusual two months with so many conjunctions of planets and the moon. As to our casting off date, it looks like Wednesday now but that'll probably change multiple times before we leave.