Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Key West - Computer problem

          Stone Parrot?

Odds and ends today. We're getting winds out of the east so the humidity is only in the 60% range, no more occurrences of fog since the two days last week. So a typical day here with taking on water (once per week) and emptying the holding tanks (once per week). The marina will do the first session with you but then you're expected to take over on your own - which I don't mind since it means not having to wait for them to find an empty time slot for the job. 


As much as anything, we just enjoy walking around Key West. Many of the houses are rented out and the owners take care in the landscaping. With the tropical climate, there are many plants I've never seen before. However, orchids are all over the place and are in full bloom. 


So a walk down any street in Key West is like being in a garden with plantings and flowers all around. Of course, with a high today of 79, it's not hard to take.