Friday, March 13, 2015

Key West - Beautiful sidewalks and a sunset

I just stopped and stared for awhile, stunning
The wind howled today, 20 to 30 knots with 4 to 6 ft waves out in Hawk Channel but we were calm and secure in our berth. The wind is out of the east so we have all of Key West between us and the wind. I had left the computer one last night uploading the three videos of Skraeling and especially the fiddle player so the videos didn't go live until around 10:00 am or so today. If you didn't see them last night, you ought to scroll down one day and watch the fiddle playing, he's pretty good.

One of the many schooners at the Bight in Key West
I've gotten away from photos of flowers but coming back from the store I was stopped by the sight of one display at one house. The owner obviously took a lot of care in his plantings. The front porch was just covered, a dazzling display so I just had to take one more picture (above).

Melting into the horizon...
Hoolie and I got our usual walk downs to Mallory Square but we once again didn't see the green flash. We did see several beautiful schooners pass by and an interesting sunset that looked as if the sun was melting into the horizon. Maybe next time.