Saturday, March 7, 2015

Key West - Art Festival Day

Part of the Art Festival booths
The 15th Schooner Wharf Open Air Arts & Music Affair was today. It's mostly a collection of local artists as a place to show their wares and perhaps make a little money. There is a wide range of talent on display and some of it is quite good. It's a great place to walk and browse and talk to the local artists. Of course, Ann enjoys that part. So we spent about an hour looking around but didn't buy anything.

The flowers are just everywhere, this one was in front of a church
We marched on to Duval Street and Ann had her monthly fix at Chico's but didn't buy anything there either but we did our afternoon walk. Coming back on the boat we got a call from Harry the fisherman who said they were getting tired of fish and had a grouper fillet he wanted us to have. Nice to have friends like that! Right away we said come on over so they paid us a visit around 4:30. He brought the grouper along which we put away in the frig and he told us some fish stories, mostly true, I think. He's a retired Navy man and he and his wife are living their dream. Just going around the country fishing with no set plan on where to be.

Speaking of plans, we have none for Sunday but we'll think of something. The high Sunday is 80 again.