Sunday, March 15, 2015

Key West - Tile fish for dinner!

You can't get any fresher than this
Sunday is donut day although we slimmed it down to one danish and one scone. So we had a morning coffee and read the local paper. Kenny Lutz called and confirmed he's coming on Monday via the high speed shuttle from Ft. Meyers. He'll be here over St Patrick's Day and leave on Wednesday. It will be fun to have PYC company.

This lobster is trying to get away!  (he didn't make it...)
I was walking by one of the restaurants in the harbor and witnessed the arrival of a lobster boat that brought in a fresh supply for the Commodore Restaurant. They were busy off-loading the catch and had the lobster pots on the back of the boat which they later took to land.

A grouper, caught in 650 ft of water
The big event of the day was a visit from Harry, our friend from Amenia, NY who's down here on vacation. He was out fishing today with two guys and they caught a huge grouper and several tile fish. He filleted one of the tile fish for our dinner tonight, less than three hours out of the ocean! What a great meal!

Notice that the sun is setting further to the right now, I've got to move to the left tomorrow
I went over to Mallory Square once again and although the sunset was nice, there was no green flash. The sun is setting more and more to the north and my old spot now is not so good with the sun partially setting behind a nearby island. I'm going to find a new spot further south so I can keep the setting sun over water. Maybe I'll never see the green flash then...