Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Key West - Roosters and Sunsets

I like the sense of motion
It was another of those days where things had to be done, just like at home - laundry, water and I won't mention the third task. So after all that, things settled down and Ann continued on her artwork she started in Key West. She has a complete set of pastels and sets everything up in the cockpit. One of here first efforts was to capture the famous Key West rooster that's pictured above.

Flowers along the way
Another pastel is one of the many flowers we see everyday as we walk around the nearby streets. It's like being in a zoological garden, everybody plants beautiful flowers for their homes. They are never affected by frost, Key West has never had a frost, ever.

No green flash but a pleasant sunset
Ever since the time change, it's been light when I walk Hoolie at my usual time of 7:00 so I've been taking Hoolie over to Mallory Square to see the sunset. We've picked a spot where the sun sets between far away keys so there's a chance of seeing the green flash. However, it still requires that the Sky be clear right to the horizon. Yesterday that was the case but tonight it was not so no green flash.  I'll try again tomorrow.