Saturday, March 28, 2015

Key West - Third Strike, no part arrival

The Disney ship, see the bow logo.
We were sitting in the cockpit reading and the hours went by with no word on our injection pump which was supposed to arrive on the morning plane so I called the dealer. After two wrong part deliveries, the dealer asked the shipping warehouse to personally inspect the package before being shipped to ensure the injection pump was actually in the box. As it turned out, the third box and last box in the warehouse in Mississippi (Volvo east coast distributor) labeled "Injection Pump" also had the wrong part inside.  It appears that someone was stealing injection pumps ($3400 each!) and replacing the contents with something much less valuable.

So now a new injection pump was ordered directly from Europe and it's due to arrive by Tuesday (I'll believe it when I see it). If the fairy tale comes true, all will be made good on Tuesday. It's rather discouraging when a company like Volvo can't ensure the goodness of their inventory. I filled out an email form on their site and I'll write a more detailed letter on Sunday.

Meanwhile, the weather has taken a turn for the worse with peak winds of 40 kts last night and 20 kts or so all day today with no sun. The temperature at 8:00 pm here is 72 but all the locals are dressed as if it's the middle of winter up north, it's cold in their experience. Nobody is in the outside  bars near the harbor, too windy and cold. So we'll sit and bide our time until the correct part arrives, sigh...