Friday, March 13, 2015

Key West - Schooner Wharf - Skraeling

The high platform
I took Hoolie over to see the sunset again tonight but the sun disappeared behind clouds once it got close to the horizon. The place was packed as usual with the usual contingent of performers along with the spectators.

Want your fortune told?
The performers have to be selected to appear at Mallory Square, not just anyone can barge in. So at any time there may be a dozen or so acts in progress as everyone waits for the sunset. It was nice but again no chance for a green flash tonight.

Skraeling On Stage at Schooner Wharf
After dinner it was off to Schooner Wharf. Tonight Skraeling was performing. It's a three person band with an Irish focus. The star of the show was the fiddler, he was fantastic. Take a look at the three short videos, here, here and here.