Monday, March 23, 2015

Key West - A sunfish in the marina

He's trying to prod the sunfish towards the opening, hard to do - the sunfish is big!
The technician came by today to look at our fuel leak but didn't have the right tools for the tight spacing between the injectors so he left with the intention of getting back later and pricing a replacement of the entire high pressure fuel pump, not a small expense. So I called Brian of McDonnell Marine in Connecticut and he suggested tightening the connections instead of a full replacement. Late this afternoon I got a call from the technician and he's coming over Tuesday morning to do just that with the proper tools this time. Hopefully, that'll be enough to stem the flow until I can get back north. We'll see Tuesday morning.

A closer look at the sunfish
Meanwhile there was excitement in the marina. A sunfish had entered the harbor area and was swimming around but then got caught in the fenced in area where they used to keep turtles for the restaurant before it was outlawed (there are holes in the fence). The sunfish got in but couldn't get out. So several of the locals spent a couple of hours coaxing the sunfish out a narrow opening in the fence, he eventually made it. They are huge fish and very odd shaped - like a pancake with fins.

We still enjoy the flowers by every sidewalk

We'll still looking at the weather reports, waiting for a window. Friday looks good now but that may change any moment.