Friday, March 20, 2015

Key West - The Party Pool

The Spring Breaker Pool
We're still weighing when to go. Every morning the first thing we look at is the weather report and, of course, the further out the prediction, the less it's accurate and yet that's where we're the most interested. So for the present, next Friday is looking good but not Saturday which has winds of 20 to 30 kts.

A closer look
This week has a gap as far as spring breakers are concerned. The Florida breakers have come and gone and next week the midwest is due down here. Evidently, the three days between St Patrick's Day and the weekend are not big days for spring breakers. Nevertheless, the one, large pool that's open to the public is doing a land office business, even this week. Just take the picture above and triple the number of kids and that'll approximate last week when the Florida breakers were in full stride. You'll notice the swimsuits continue to get briefer (is that a word?). There can't be much further to go but believe it or not, there's still room (as seen on a couple of breakers).

I just remembered I didn't provide the answer as to why Schooner Wharf has beach umbrellas on each table. Well, not all the tables, just the ones under the overhanging tree (hint, hint). You should guess by now that's it's to keep the customers from experiencing a natural phenomenon of Key West from overhead birds. They keep dinner from being decorated by feathered friends.