Monday, March 30, 2015

Key West - Tomorrow's the day!

Whenever a dinghy came by, they alternated squawking - a dinghy alarm!
It seems we've been trying to get an injector pump forever. When it was first ordered last week, it was going to get here overnight but what was in the box didn't match the P/N on the outside. So a second part was ordered, same result. The third part in the warehouse was manually checked and also found not to have the right part even though it was labeled with the right P/N on the outside. So then they ordered the part from Europe since the USA "stock" had been exhausted. That part is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, Tuesday. So all we can do is sit and wait and hope everyone does their job this time around. The central warehouse for Volvo in the US had moved in the last three months and it appears that someone took advantage of the confusion during the move to make off with several $3500 parts.

No green flash but nice anyway
At least the weather has turned cooler with highs in the 70's instead of mid 80's so it's more comfortable walking around town. However, there were three cruise boats in today although two left  before sunset so Mallory Square was active tonight. I'm having no luck seeing a green flash. There always seems to be a far away island that only becomes apparent once the sun gets close to the horizon.

I have the boat mostly ready short of topping off the water tank which I can do in the morning. All I need is for the injector pump to arrive from Europe and have it installed, we'll wait and see.