Thursday, July 31, 2008

Northeast Harbor

We awoke to full sun but could see a fog bank out in the bay. We waited until 11:00 hoping the fog would clear but it never did so off we went into the whiteness. We're further downeast now where water is colder which causes more fog to form. It can still be fog free but when conditions are marginal for fog, it will form here first. So we put the radar, chartplotter and fog horn to good use. It would be easy if it weren't for the lobster pots but you have to look out for them while checking the radar for on-coming boats - and staying on course - and blowing the fog horn every two minutes.

Northeast Harbor was very busy with the most boats we've seen all summer. They don't seem to have been affected by the fuel prices since motor boats are well represented. We picked up a mooring ($25) and had a view of the harbor as we ate salmon we found at a fish market in town. As the evening progressed, the fog returned which looked pretty provided you're not out in it navigating. With darkness falling, the fog gave the lights a diffused glow, nice.