Monday, July 28, 2008

Pickering Island - A Perfect Sail

One comes to Maine for the steady southwest winds of 10 to 15 kts with the wonderful views of the passing islands and great anchorages. Today we had all three. We sailed out of Carver Cove with the wind on the aft starboard quarter, turned the corner to head north and found the wind on the port quarter. There were no waves, just clear, flat water with plenty of wind. We headed for the group of island just north of north of Northhaven, a Maine archipelago. Turning into the islands, we were on a broad reach with full sun, warm winds and perfection.

We decided to stop for lunch at Barred Islands, dropped the hook and saw ospreys in their nest nearby. Ann snapped a few pictures and I took one of the anchorage. For lunch we had the cheese that Monique bought for us (from France, Exploraire - a fantastic cheese, hard to find) on bakery bread while watching the ospreys feed their young in the nest. After an hour we weighed anchor and headed for our overnight harbor at Pickering Island. It offers excellent protection out of the southwest, the predicted wind direction for the night. I grilled lamb chops with a view of the setting sun. What a perfect day (except Matthew wasn't with us...)


Anonymous said...

Great pics!!MOnique