Friday, August 1, 2008

Southwest Harbor - At Hinckley's for Batteries

Fog is upon us now. It just thickened all through the night and it was heavy in the morning. Nothing sissy about this fog, it's a veil all around us. Already we miss the morning sunshine but today we had a date with Hinckley in Southwest harbor so we headed out at a slow pace with radar in place for the short ride to Southwest, we could only see about 100 feet ahead of us. In due time we made to Hinckley's yard and came into their dock. I needed the house batteries replaced and had called ahead for an appointment. They were doing a rousing business, no slowdown at their docks. As usual, they had several Hinckley boats in for servicing - what beautiful boats! I had the end dock and did the whole show: batteries replaced, fuel, water, garbage, laundry, ice, etc. I can only say that PYC is a bargain compared to Hinckley's yard.

About 2/3's of the way through in getting the laundry done, it started to rain - heavily! After 15 minutes of trying to wait it out, I suited up for the slog to the laundry and to pay my bill at the main office. It continued to rain for the next three hours. I had about four inches in the dink when it stopped! As I write this, it's closing in even more and the weather is not predicted to improve until Monday. However, Richard, Ann's cousin, is due to join us Saturday and if the weather is still so poor, we'll just explore the Mt Desert area in Richard's car and a dinner at Beal's Lobster Pound, can't be beat!