Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Holbrook Harbor

It was a little rocky last night. I think it was from the ocean swell from the tropical storms. We're in pretty far but the swell worked its way around the sheltering island although it turned into only 1 to 2 inch ripples, it occasionally got in sync with the boat and caused some rocking when the boat was broadside to the ripples. It was the first time the Opechee anchorage was anything but dead calm. The morning was bright sun (we haven't seen fog since Boothbay Harbor!) and headed north through Eggemoggin Reach. The wind was only 6 to 8 kts directly behind us so we just motored. The photo is of "The Rock" at Opechee that all attempted to climb. Matthew gave it a soldier's effort but didn't succeed (I didn't either).

We took the southern entrance into the harbor which involved avoiding an unmarked ledge right in the middle of the channel. However, it's clearly marked on the GPS chartplotter so I just followed the chart and we never saw less than 20 ft under us. Holbrook Harbor is a wonderfully protected anchorage. The winds were predicted at 10 to 15 with higher gusts out of the southeast, so the anchorage was perfect since it has protection exactly from that direction. We're in the middle of a thunderstorm now but it's not very intense, the cold water in the area doesn't feed the storms like at home. I'm sure that over the nearby mainland it's much worse.

There's a nature conservatory on shore so Matthew and company went ashore to explore and burn off some steam. Meanwhile, the grandparents relaxed on the boat! All is peaceful now, hopefully it stays that way throughout the night. The bridge on Eggemoggin Reach is shown in the photo.