Friday, July 25, 2008

Still in Belfast

It rained all through the night along with a strong wind out of the southeast. We were snug at our dock but we couldn't open a port due to the constant rain. We had our doradas but it would have been nice to have more fresh air. As morning broke, it continued to rain and finally came to a sputtering halt around 1:00 or so but we could still see fog out in the bay so we decided to say put and explore Belfast some more.

There's a carver in town that produces totems and he put several in the harbor that are underwater at high tide but become exposed at low, it's a strange sight (see photo). Belfast is also where an annual wooden boat building contest is held that draws builders from all over the northeast. We saw three of one model boat docked nearby so we decided to take a closer look. Needless to say, the craftsmanship is impeccable. The woodwork gleams and the anchor has never seen a sea bottom! Notice how the shrouds are attached to the turnbuckles. They are beautiful to look at but how would you ever do upkeep on them?

Still, I do like our Fleetwing, easy to sail although we've been doing a lot of motoring recently. On to Rockland tomorrow to drop off Matthew and his family. It will be a sad parting for us with Matthew leaving...