Sunday, July 20, 2008

Back at Seal Bay

It was hot in Rockland, we had to run the A/C which was unthinkable last year. We loaded up on groceries for 7 people for a week so we're full to the brim with food. Nana and Monique found fresh, wild salmon which we grilled out. However, we had to motor to Seal Bay since it was raining and there wasn't much wind. We used our new enclosure to keep the rain out so it was a comfortable ride. With the side panels installed, we have the full use of the cockpit even when it's raining. Matthew took a photo of another windjammer but he otherwise has his hands full with his sisters so he's not blogging tonight.

On the way in we once again saw seals on nearby rocks as well as poking their heads up to see what was going by. If it doesn't rain all day, we hope to explore nearby beaches for some serious boulder climbing for kid exercising (for a peaceful boat..) If the weather report holds up, we'll be in Seal Bay tomorrow too but we once again have no internet service, oh well.