Saturday, July 19, 2008

On to Rockland to Pickup Matthew's Parents

The night at Pulpit Harbor was quieter than I expected. Usually the wind dies and the tide current cause all the boats to go in circles (bumper cars!) However, last night we had a constant SW wind that pointed everyone so all was calm. In the morning, the sun came out as we weighed anchor and headed out. We sailed, then motored and then sailed again. This is the second time we didn't have wind in the middle of the bay but did have wind at the edges, strange.

Matthew took photos of windjammers which were out in force since they are mostly based in nearby Camden. Philip, Monique, Sarah and Natalie arrived around 5:30. The girls gave Matthew an enthusiastic welcome! They were held up in traffic for 1 1/2 hours at the New Hampshire toll booths rolling along at 20 mph until clearing the toll booths. I had thought the price of gas would have kept the traffic down but evidently not in this case. We went to Cody's near Rockport for dinner which surprisingly has the same name as Matthew's new puppy, Cody! We plan on sailing to Seal Bay tomorrow which unfortunately does not have internet service so there will probably be another interruption in the blog but it will be published as internet connections allow.