Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sailing and Motoring to Rockland

We refilled our water tanks in Belfast but had to use my carbon filter. Still, it was still much better water than in Rockland which has a strong after taste. We sailed most of the way to Rockland but on the last leg where we motored, we ran in and out of fog banks. As we passed Camden we saw Mt Battie enveloped in fog with the peak still poking above the bank, an eerie sight!

Rockland is preparing for their Lobster Fest Weekend which starts Wednesday but we won't be there. We saw signs that they will cook 10 tons of lobsters over the week, hard to imagine that much lobster. We went once again to Cody's restaurant which the kids love since it has the same name as their new puppy. Plus, they can make a mess by putting all the peanut shells on the floor and it's part of the attraction. We'll say goodbye to Matthew and family tomorrow and then we're off towards Southwest Harbor, stopping along the way depending upon the direction of the wind. We'll probably be out of range of my internet connection until Southwest Harbor on Friday, oh well. You can still follow our progress as to our location by clicking on Fleetwing Location in the "Where's Fleetwing" column at left.