Thursday, July 24, 2008


We awoke to rain and fog, our first foggy day since Boothbay (and the very next day after "boasting" in my previous blog that we hadn't seen fog for almost two weeks). The winds were predicted to gust to 30 kts with 4 to 7 foot waves so we headed to Belfast in the morning before the waves built up. We only saw 10 to 15 kts and 1 foot waves but we were in the lee of Islesboro for a good part of the way across the bay. With one of our littlest crew queasy, we just motored across to ensure a quick passage to calm waters of the harbor.

Belfast is a very friendly, compact town - all close to the waterfront. The town dockage is only $1.75/ft but if you just wanted to come to the docks for up to an hour for water, ice, etc., it's free. However, the walk through town is all uphill. They had an organic grocery store and a great cheese shop plus many small stores to look around in. All along the sidewalks they had participation objects (see photos) for young ones to ride, push at, bounce, look etc. Some were very strange but interesting.

It was Matthew's Mom and Dad's anniversary so we volunteered to babysit the kids while they had a rare night out. Out for pizza I went and we had a feast with onion rings and chicken tenders, much too much but it was good.

The wind is supposed to pick up even more overnight and we can see small rollers coming in (Belfast is open to the southwest). Since we're pointed into the wind at our dock, we are hardly affected but boats on moorings are bouncing around quite a bit. Everything is supposed to subside overnight and we're looking forward to a sail (it's been awhile...) We hope to stay somewhere in Islesboro Friday.


mcnaughton24 said...

Happy Anniversary Phil & Monique! Hope you enjoyed your evening out!
Wish we were there with you, but my goodness, where would we sleep?
Carrie Beth

Bob423 said...


I read your note to Philip and Monique. You're right, with seven on board, we are full!! We convert the salon table to a bed every night.