Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fog Day to Portsmouth

Ahoy it's me Matt. Today we left Gloucester around 9:09 and I was reading in the cockpit until a group of bumble bees came and landed on the boat. Then I read for the rest of the time till we got to Port Smith. After our arrival Grandpa and I went to the laundry and checked out the pool. Then we went swimming and got a courtesy car and resupplied and had dinner. More tomorrow on Matt's Blog.

We could see the shore when we awoke but looking out in the direction we were to exit, we saw a fog bank. We waited awhile for the sun to heat things up hoping that the fog would dissipate but at 9:00 we decided to leave anyway, we had 35 miles to go for Portsmouth. As we headed out, the fog thickened and we had to slow to 6 kts to have time for lobster buoy avoidance and that's when the attack of the bumblebees happened! We figured they were disoriented by the fog. They appeared tame and flew off with a little encouragement. The lobster traps were no where near as thick as in Maine but good practice nevertheless. Eventually the visibility increased enough for us to make a little over 7 kts. We passed numerous fishing boats on radar but saw none of them. As we approached Portsmouth the fog lifted enough to see about a mile and we headed to Wentworth by the Sea. It's one of the grand old ladies of the East Coast and was recently bought by Marriott which has restored her aging beauty and added modern conveniences such as a new pool and an upgraded marina ($3.65/ft). You can see the restored inn in the background of the photo of Matthew in the pool. We did three loads of wash while Matthew was swimming so we are all refreshed and ready for Maine.

The Wentworth marina is the only one we've been at with a free courtesy car for transients, a Mercedes no less. We borrowed the car for a drive to downtown Portsmouth to reprovision and for dinner. I have the entire east coast loaded in my Garmin iQue so directions were no problem. Tomorrow we are aiming for Jewel Island east of Portland but it depends upon the weather, we'll see in the morning.