Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sailing to Seal Bay

Ahoy mates its me Matt. Today I stared the dink 3 times. Then we saw the Rose Way and I got to sail the boat It was fun. I played me DS until it died and Nana let me go on deck while the sails were up. When we arrived in Seal Bay we saw some seals and one was looking up a little bit up on the water and its face was so cute. More tomorrow on Matt's Blog.
Sailing to Seal Bay

The morning came bright and warm. It's much warmer this year than last year. We still haven't used the heater yet. I found that the depth sounder wasn't fixed after all. The depth reading was twice the actual depth. With that I removed the old display (Tridata) and replaced it with the new one I bought yesterday, it worked immediately. Since we've had false alarms in the past thinking something was fixed when it wasn't, we'll withhold judgment until tomorrow. While at it, I replaced the genset starter battery - got to have our morning coffee and hot shower!

We had a fresh northwest breeze of 12 to 15 kts with crystal clear skies. Penobscot Bay is inland a ways so there's no rollers to disturb the perfect sailing weather. We put up sails in Rockland Harbor and sailed all the way to just outside Seal Bay, all on the same tack and through Fox Island Thorofare too. It was just beautiful and not a hint of fog. I took a temperature reading in Seal Bay and found it to be 66F, last year it was 60F! What a difference a year makes. Even Matthew thought the water was warm.

We're taking a layover day tomorrow. Ann will paint and explore the islands and I'll do some boat work (teak, cellphone antenna, engine hour meter, etc.) After that we're headed further east. (PS, I found that I had no internet connection!!, ugh...)