Friday, July 18, 2008

Pulpit Harbor - Internet At Last!

Ahoy mates its me Matt. Today I went swimming off the back of the boat and read my book for awhile. Then I played my gameboy for awhile and read some more. We sail for all most the whole trip to Pulpit Harbor. After we arrived I watched the movie Muppets From Space and finished it exactly when Grandpa said "Time to start the blog." More tomorrow on Matt's blog.

As usual in Maine, there was no wind in the morning so we waited until 11:00 to leave harbor when we saw 8 kts on the wind gauge. We were on a broad reach and the wind gradually increased to 10 or so. It was overcast but warm. Then a strange thing happened, right out in the middle of the bay the wind suddenly stopped! We could see ripples about 1/4 mile away in all directions but where we were at it was dead calm. Finally we turned the motor and powered our way to the nearest wind and we sailed the rest of the way into Pulpit Harbor and found that we had an internet connection finally!

The harbor is completely protected and close to Rockland and Camden which usually results in a crowd on a Friday night there was a lot of open area this afternoon. We saw four power boats, the most in one spot since we got to Maine. We also got our first rain while in Maine but no thunderstorms, they stayed on land as usual for Maine. The rains will help since the grass looks brown. On Saturday Matthew's family arrives for a week on the boat starting at Rockland. In the photo at right, the man is returning from shore having walked his dog when a torrential downpour started. The dog went directly downstairs and probably shook to shed all the water! We also saw several windjammers ghost by the entrance, beautiful!