Thursday, July 17, 2008

Northwest Harbor on Penobscot Bay

Ahoy there mates its me Matt. Today we went ashore and we climbed on some rocks and I attempted to climb this huge rock. Then I started the dink twice today. Then I read my new book The Lightning Thief and I'm on page 143 on my third day of reading it. When we arrived in Deer Island Harbor I went swimming in water 68 degrees that is bath water to me. I am having mac and cheese Nana style. Then we will have a game of Munchkins and this time I will not be beaten like the last three nights. More tomorrow on Matt's Blog.

We went exploring ashore at a nearby deserted island in Opechee harbor. It had the requisite boulders for Matthew to climb but some were too big even for him. We weighed anchor around 11:00 and headed through Casco Passage to destination at Northwest harbor in Penobscot Bay. Since we're picking up Matthew's family on Saturday, we wanted to be closer to Rockland on Friday night.

Even though the lobster buoys are numerous, they don't seem to be as numerous as last year. I could actually navigate through Casco Passage which is pretty narrow without too much trouble. I recall having a much harder time of it last year. Also very noticeable is the much warmer weather and, so far, the lack of fog. In our anchorage tonight we measured the unheard of water temperature of 68F. Matthew proclaimed it "bathwater" it was so warm. What a difference a year makes! Our Munchkin games continue unabated every night after dinner. I think it's a kid's revenge for adult games that have a lot of rules, they are nothing compared to Munchkin for confusion to adults - which is probably part of the attraction.

We're headed for Pulpit Harbor tomorrow and hopefully a cellphone connection since Rockland, Rockport and Camden are nearby, all with Verizon service. The only news we've received the last week has been over the VHF for weather, nothing else. However, we had a fabulous sunset and a great moonrise! Ann took the photo of the sunset, we both took about two dozen but hers was the best.