Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Opechee Island Harbor

Ahoy there mates it's me Matt. On Saturday my family came to Rockland and went to a place called Cody's and they let you put peanut shells on the floor and we gust got a new dog named Cody. Then on Sunday we went to Seal Bay and we watched Open Season and and made a weird cowchish thing that we made out of the bags. Then on Monday we stayed in Seal Bay and went ashore for awhile and found a lot of shells and we saw seals in Seal Bay. Then we made a big hideout in the back cabin. Today we went to Opechee and on the way I read my book and we saw a windjammer or a schooner that is a old type of ship with two masts. Then I read more of my book then I took a nap. Then we went ashore and then I started the dink again for one the second time. More tomorrow on Matt's Blog

In the above picture, Matt is very proud that he can now start the dink motor without help and he does most of the steering (except when his Dad grabs the tiller...)

We never got the winds predicted (10 to 15 kts) so it was a calm night in Seal Bay. With the lack of wind during the night, we circled the anchor all night, the chartplotter screen had a big circle where the boat went round and round. We never noticed it in the boat since it happened so slowly. On the way out of the harbor we saw the seals again resting on the rocks, the girls waved goodbye.

We headed to Billings Marine which has very convenient docks for refueling and filling water tanks. We have found they have the best water in the area. Rockland's water has a bad after taste that you can't get out of the tanks. They are very friendly and helpful there with fuel prices the best in the area ($4.79/gal for diesel) with free water. After refueling, we headed for Opechee, motoring all the way since the winds were not enough and anchored in 10 ft of water. We saw an osprey nest on the way.
Ann took a photo of the sunset at Opechee.