Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sailing to Opechee

Ahoy there mates it's me Matt. Today I went swimming in water that was 62 degrees and when I was swimming I saw a huge school of silver sides that's what the fish are called and they are tiny. Then I watched a movie and then I played my DS for awhile and I watched for pots. After that I played my gameboy for the rest of the ride and started to watch Magic in the Water. Well back to my movie more tomorrow on Matt's Blog.

At Round Island, I think we must have circled our anchor about two dozen time, we just went round and round (at Round Island....) One of the hazards in Maine is that the wind usually dies at night and with 10 foot tides and the associated current anchorages are subject to the ebb and flow of water required for the high tides in the area. As a result, if the wind dies, boats are all over the anchorage at night. If you're too close, you'll bump your neighbor (one of the things that go "bump in the night"). However, there were only four boats at Round Island so we had enough room but we did move around a lot.
Morning was once again bright and sunny with no fog. The winds in Maine usually do not come until the afternoon so we had a lazy morning, long breakfast, some reading, waiting for the wind. We weighed anchor around 1:00 and headed for Opechee as the wind started to build. It was between 8 to 12 kts out of the southwest, the usual direction for Maine in the summertime. We sailed all the way to Opechee Island, about two hours, clear skies, warm winds - just a nice sail. We estimate it's a out 10 degrees warmer this year than last year! I've been in golf shirts for the entire cruise, last year I didn't get out of long sleeve shirts with sweatshirt over the top until I returned to Long Island Sound! It's much better cruising this way.