Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Cuttyhunk Has Changed

Ahoy its me Matt. Today I watched amovie Weapon's of War after breakfast and after the fog lifted. Then I tried to start the dink but it didn't work until we came back to the dock from the grocery store. Grandpa and I took this guy to get to the ferry (I drove though). Then I read my new Star Wars book and went swimming. More tomorrow when we leave Cuttyhunk.

The place is still deserted. In talking to the locals, they are hoping for a big 4th of July weekend but it's not here yet. I thought I would get rid of some garbage so I went ashore with my bag and promptly put it back in the dink when I saw the sign proclaiming a $5 charge per bag for garbage. You can still have your lobster but now they add on $2 for cooking each lobster, it used to be included in the lobster price. How about an ice cream cone, that's $4.50 for a small cup, we passed. I did get some ice for $4.50 a bag and later found out that it's $3.00 for locals, they like to soak the tourists. Add all this to the increase in mooring fee from $30 to $40/night and it's not as much fun as in the past. We may pass on the way back and I suspect many others will too. It's too bad, I really used to enjoy coming to Cuttyhunk but the atmosphere has changed.

Kayaks with a dog aboard appears to be more and more popular. I can't imagine it's an easy task getting the dog in without a calamity but they seem to do okay. The youth sailing club was out in full force too along with several windsurfers, all very pretty. Matthew passed a milestone today, he started the dink all by himself for the first time (with a mighty pull - after several tries).

We were socked in all day with a heavy fog until about 3:00 or so. The fog picture was taken towards the town dock which is usually full of power boats, not now. We had planned on a layover day anyway so tomorrow we're headed for Sandwich in the Cape Cod Canal but the current doesn't turn in our favor until around 3:30 pm so we'll get a late start. It's supposed to be windy but with wave heights only in the 1 to 2 foot range compared to the 4 to 6 range when we came in from Stonington. However, we had a lazy and relaxing day, we move again tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Was it tricky starting the dink??
Whats the best part of sailing?

Anonymous said...

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