Sunday, July 13, 2008

Seal Bay Layover Day

Ahoy there mates its me Matt. Today I helped Grandpa install the cell phone antenna and threaded a new wire for the dinks motor cover. Then I watched Arther and the Invisibles in the aft cabin. Then I reread one of my Dragon Ball Z books. Then I cleaned under the table. More tomorrow on Matt's Blog.

The winds they did howl, all day long at 15 to 25 kts and through the night. The inner part of Seal Cove is a real hurricane hole so we were secure but it was windy! We put in the side curtains so the cockpit was nice and warm. My boat project for today was to install the cellphone antenna. The antenna itself was not the problem, the problem was in pulling the cable to the nav table, it only took four hours (!) In Seal Bay we had cellphone service but the signal was still not strong enough for digital service even with the antenna. Without the antenna there was no service at all. So the posting of blog reports could be spotty as I head further east even though I will still be writing them everyday.

The wind finally calmed down enough for a dinghy ride in the evening and Ann took a few photos. It's amazing how the trees seem to grow right out of the rocks. The aroma of balsam pines and the scenery of the granite and trees is never tiring. Tomorrow we're headed for Round Island, at least that's the plan.