Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Round Island

Ahoy there mates its me Matt. Today I played my DS for awhile and I took the sail out. Then I played my DS for the rest of the ride until we got to Stonington and fueled up. The guy at the dock was amazed that I have this really old Lord of the Rings game and he said not to lose it. Then we went to Round Island and we went ashore and found a lot of crab shells. I started the dink 2 times and I was getting some cheese and oophs cut myself by accident. More tomorrow on Matt's Blog.

After a day of fog it was wonderful to see the sun rise with a bright, blue sky! I took the morning to go over the teak rail in the calm of the anchorage. As we left, we said goodbye to the seals and put up the sails upon reaching the outlet. The winds were only 5 kts at first but they eventually built to 10 to 12 kts. We stopped by Billings Marine to pick up fuel, water and ice, a great place for all three. We filled up with 31.9 gal of diesel at $4.76/gal, the cheapest price we've seen so far although the local loberstermen were really complaining!

After Billings, we negotiated a dense lobster field with unmarked ledges (but were on the charts!) to Round Island. It's a public island so you can go ashore and explore and climb boulders (Matt's speciality). Matt started the motor every time, he's getting very good at it. Back at the boat I grilled a pork roast as we watched the sun set. Of course, we also play a round of Munchkin, a game that only a 10 year old could love (or his dad!). The instructions as very confusing which allows for much argument, which is one of the points of the game I guess. It's like dungeons and dragons with lots of cards to draw, monsters to fight and bonuses to keep track of. At any rate, Nana won but we're not sure how that came about. Undoubtedly, we'll play it again.