Monday, July 14, 2008

Still In Seal Bay

Ahoy there mates it's me Matt. Today we played Munchkins and Nana won her first game. Then we went ashore and saw seals on the way. Grandpa and I climbed on rocks for awhile and we saw a washed up boat. Then when we got back to the beach and I climbed up a big rock and I found a crab shell. Then we went back and got to dock the dink on the back of the boat having the bow of the dink pointing at the back of the boat. More tomorrow on Matt's Blog.

This morning we awoke to fog with not much in the way of wind forecasted so we decided to have a day of exploration of Seal Bay. In the morning we ventured to the western part of the bay, looking for a landing so Matthew could do some serious boulder climbing. Matthew is now able to start the dinghy motor with regularity, he's getting stronger. For lunch we had a Nana size helping of chicken salad, a Grandpa size helping and a Matthew size helping - guess which one was the biggest!

The sun finally came out in the afternoon and we had our second outing with more boulder climbing. Along the way we motored close to seals sitting on a submerged rock, after all this is called Seal Bay for a reason. They headed for water as we got closer. We often see one poke their head out of the water and watch us as we pass by.
Ann found the exact kitchen countertop she was looking for except the granite slab wasn't big enough but the shade was right! She took a sample back to the boat. The amount of granite in this area is just amazing, piled everywhere. You will occasionally see areas where slabs have been cut. We've been told that in the old days boats from England came over and loaded up.