Monday, June 30, 2008

Empty Cuttyhunk

Ahoy there its me Matt. I lost a tooth and the tooth fairy didn't come even after a whole day of waiting! We had a rough ride to Cuttyhunk from Stonington. We went though a place called Buzzards Bay. It was rough with swells from the ocean. After we arrived I watched a movie called Magic in The Water. More tomorrow.

We were somewhat uncertain on whether to go to Cuttyhunk or Newport. The weather report was for 6 to 8 feet seas further out but only 2 to 4 near the coast with 10 - 15 kts and gusts to 20. We had the current in our favor so we eventually decided to slog it out to Cuttyhunk, not the most popular decision with the crew. The large rollers on the aft starboard quarter are the type that slew the boat from side to side for an uncomfortable ride. However, there was no rain or fog and we made good time and now we're taking a layover day so Matthew can swim and use his surf board.

Upon arrival at Cuttyhunk, it was apparent that the high price of fuel has taken its toll. The place was almost empty (see photo) and there were only four power boats. On top of that, Cuttyhunk raised their mooring fee to $40! I wonder if they've ever heard of supply and demand? It reminds me of a story I heard from a committee to investigate tax laws in congress. One member of the council, fed up with unimaginative replies from the budget committee when asked about various way to raise tax brackets asked the budget committee what the revenue would be if they raised taxes to 100% of income. The budget committee dutifully replied with the same number reported as income the previous year. Something wrong there. It's an extreme example but if prices are raised high enough on non-essential items (link moorings and dock fees) then (surprise, surprise), people will stop coming. The comment was lost on the guy that collected the mooring fee this afternoon.

The sun sets over land (across Buzzards Bay) and that must add to the beauty of the sunsets here. There's enough dispersants (?) in the atmosphere to give a really intense sunset, great to watch at night!