Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Titusville - Last blog until January 7, 2016

So it's goodbye for now. you can see one of Sarah's curled lines. If I mess it up, she's right out there redoing the line
This morning we did our walk and then we had breakfast. I did the work I could, the rest of the day kind of was packing for tomorrow. In my book am on page 164, in it there is a big horse race that gets exciting. I had lunch after rolling up my sleeping bag and then we went to go get some things. Grandpa got us another rental car for the ride back and it really nice, we are packing everything up tonight. We went to Harvey to get there fresh grapefruit and FUDGE! Their fudge is Nana and ours favorite we got the maple walnut. I curled up the lines nice and pretty and washed down the boat. When I was washing the boat I saw Mary, William, and Johnny the manatee's all together. It was nice to say bye to all of them at once, I dropped the hose and it squirted in my face. I bet the manatee's would of liked  a fresh water hose in their face, but I certainly didn't. I said goodbye to the palm trees and the warm, warm air that I am sure we all will miss so much. That was pretty much our day bunch of work, we are having honey roasted pork tonight. Well this is our last, last blog, Farwell so long we will meet again some day Goodbye. Sarah

As they say, time sure does fly! I think Sarah has all the manatees in the marina named! In her view, all animals get names. But now it's time to head north for the holidays. Beside, Sarah's been gone from home for two months. Home schooling has been fun, it really has, but now things are coming to an end. 

Our next stop will be in Pennsylvania at my daughter's house, Caroline and Mile McNaughton with their two boys (and our grandsons!) We hope they will be future crew on one of our trips south but they won't be ready for another four years or so, a long time, gotta stay in shape. So tonight is packing and we plan on leaving at 7:00 am Thursday morning, spending tomorrow night in a motel and then arriving at Caroline's house on Friday afternoon, a long trip. 

So goodbye for now. I hope you've enjoyed the blog as we headed south and you're invited to rejoin us on our way to Key West starting January 7 next year, the next blog entry. We look forward to having you along! 


Anonymous said...

Safe journey and enjoy your holidays!

Unknown said...


Your X-mas lights are out! I told the Marina, and checked the dock breakers. The Marina is trying to contact you. Maybe you can contact them.

Your neighbors, John and Mary Lou

Bob423 said...


I forgot and turned off the AC breaker inside the boat. All should still be well. I'll call the marina.


Bob423 said...


It's just the AC outlet breaker, not the AC power for the boat. The charger is still on.


jbs said...

Sorry to worry you! Have a great holiday.


Bob423 said...


I wanted to thank you for checking up on my boat! I thoughtlessly switched off the AC outlets not thinking that it would also switch off the outside lights - dumb! I called the office so they are now on board.

Thanks again for looking after Fleetwing, Bob

Carl said...

I've been dropping in and enjoying your blog since I ran across it while considering a B 423 for purchase a couple years ago. Since then we purchased another boat (Saga 43) but have continued to view your blog. We started down the ICW this Nov and it was only recently that I put 2 and 2 together and realized it was you leaving all those great insights on Active Captain. THANK YOU. They've been very helpful in getting our 6.5 draft boat down to FL on our first trip down the east coast. We're also planning to leave our boat in the Canaveral area for he holidays and go to the Bahamas later in January. I hope we meet you somewhere along the way.
Thanks again and keep up the blog.
Carl Richards
S/V Northern Star

Bob423 said...


Glad you are enjoying the blog! We are still up north looking for just a little snow but it's been very warm for this time of the year, 55 today. Good news! Sarah will be with us for the last leg to Key West so she will be able to continue her blog too. As you know, we're in Titusville and we're very happy with it.

We'll be back south the first week of January to continue south.