Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Titusville - Cooling off

The entrance to Titusville Marina - very protected except when the wind if out of the east - through the opening
This morning I woke up just in time to go on our walk. We went a little longer this time and man was I tired. Today I did a book report on "To Kill a Mockingbird", I think I made a good job but will have to see. After my work I ate lunch then we had to wash the window screens. I sprayed them and then Nana rinsed then off. We also did algebra today, we did proportions and cross multiplying that was fun with Grandpa. I saw Mary and William the manatees today, Mary like to roll over again and again that is cute. William looks so massive and majestic with is tail too, I stared at them for a while. Then I looked at a magazine for a while with art in it, soon after we took Hoolie to the dog park. There was a big beautiful German Shepard that was so pretty and cute. I threw that ball for him and when I pet him and he'd lean on me. He reminded me off are old German Shepard that we had when I was five, then we went back to the boat when Hoolie was tired. I felt the breeze and checked my coiled line on the deck. I think am going to miss Titusville and the boat, then I saw Mary again trying to find fresh water. Now I am talking to you or writing whatever, bye! Sarah

It's 77 here at 8:11, about 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. I think the heatwave has finally broken. With that we went over to the dog park and gave Hoolie his daily exercise which consisted of running at a dead gallop for 30 minutes. None of the other dogs ever kept up with him and Hoolie was only interested in chasing after the bouncing ball. 

We use Apple's Facetime for video over cellphone sessions, great fun
I read through some of the outlines on the internet for Common Core algebra and I now have a better idea of what's expected for 8th graders. Frankly, it's a lot more than I remember having to digest. We didn't have algebra until high school, not so anymore. There's even irrational numbers and geometry that's covered as well as taking roots and scientific notation, all in the 8th grade. Sarah is learning it quite well. We spend about an hour a day on math on the boat. 

There's still more boat stuff to do to get Fleetwing ready for a two month absence. We only have one week left before we leave for points north. Gotta plan all this out.