Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Titusville - the manatees come

The manatee found Sarah - wanted to be friends
We got an announcement this morning that there is no school today because it is election day. Actually my mom called to tell us, I am not sure who are the teacher and principal in this funky school district. So today I washed the boat with Nana and Grandpa, it's really fun because you get to see manatees. See manatees love fresh (we are in salt) so when we wash the boat there is a guaranteed chance to see one. Then I saw them with their really cute nose sticking up, there were three, I named then Johnny the big one, the baby Mary, and the other big one Tom. I went to the back of the boat on the platform, I was so close to them I could touch them, but I didn't because you shouldn't since they're endangered. Some times they puff out a breath and I felt Johnny's, it was so cool to be so close. After we were done with the hose they said goodbye, then I went to get some lunch. I wrote in my book and played on my phone, it is another hot day today and I hate the heat so I stayed down stairs most of the day. We also watched a short movie that was funny I think, I also drew a tiny bit. Well we are having Mexican chicken for dinner bye. Sarah

Sarah spent all day looking for manatees
The Titusville Marina is the home of about 20 manatees. The water is warm and protected and they apparently get plenty to eat. What attracts the manatees is fresh water. We were washing the boat today and the washdown water was spilling into the marina, ideal for attracting manatees. Sarah helped me with the washing of the boat but when the manatees came, that took precedence. Hoolie was rather agitated too. The manatees make a huffing sound when they breathe and Hoolie's finely attuned to that sound, rushes over the side and immediately starts barking. No Manatee yet has boarded the boat!

Hoolie was fascinated too
Sarah took a ton of photos and loved to just watch them. They are huge and ponderous and I think they are ugly but Sarah thinks they are cute?! So the boat cleaning eventually got done and now looks presentable at least. Sarah's mother called and said it was a no school day due to elections. Now Sarah will have to wait another day to learn about negative numbers, her next lesson in algebra! It's great to be in a marina that has decent WiFi, good enough to stream Netflix in HD without pauses. It's the only marina I've been in with that capability. I think the marinas are learning that to attract customers they must provide good WiFi! /