Monday, November 16, 2015

Titusville - Getting ready

Our osprey in the marina - not on our mast!
This morning I wasn't that cold, it had a nice breeze to the air. We had breakfast and then I started my school work. I read out of my book and I think am on page 85, also I did my French and it's cool understanding what it means. After I was done I polished the metal parts of the boat to make then so shiny you can see your reflection. The birds have been good about not pooping on our deck, when you see the bunch of them I call them the bird herd. Then we took Hoolie to the dog park after lunch, we saw a wood stork on the way there, I named him Dave. It was just two dogs, us and another dog we have seen there before. There was a newspaper toy that Hoolie liked a lot, we threw the ball for him a couple times. When he looked pretty tired  so we took him back. A couple boats are moving in places that was weird, we had one next to us then they moved to the other dock. Now we have other people that have moved to that dock, confusing I know. I played with Hoolie and watched TV so Farewell and goodbye. Sarah

There's an Osprey that hunts in the marina. He always takes the same perch just behind our boat, the aft mast of a two masted sailboat. We can hear him calling during the day, a distinctive sound that we've come to recognize. We saw him dive this afternoon and got a fish which he took back to his perch for dinner. I can't imagine that the captain of the boat is any too thrilled for the Osprey to call his mizzenmast home but the captain doesn't seem to be around right now. 

The osprey is just aft of us, we can hear him clearly
So we've enjoyed seeing him fish for dinner and he can always be found surveying his domain from across the way on dock B. In addition to the osprey, there's pelicans and other large birds calling the marina home. The side impact is just that, impacts from above but they clean up. The birds are protected. We're active in discouraging them whenever thay land on our rigging but then what happens when we're gone for 1 1/2 months?

Tuesday will be another day to get the boat ready and then we pick up rental car on Wednesday. Lots to do.