Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Titusville - doing teak and the last of the boat chores

Each afternoon we all meet under the roof of "Tick Hut" in the dog park
This morning I made it up in time to go on our walk. We had breakfast and then I did my work, am on page 100 in my book, it is getting really interesting. After my work and lunch I cleaned the dirty stuff off the metal on the boat. It is really windy, I had to clip my paper down to my book, yes it was that windy. One of Grandpas bottles went over board so I went down a ladder and grabbed it, I am a hero to a bottle. Then we took Hoolie to the dog park where he romped around. There were about four dogs when we got there and about three followed him, but he out ran them. We went back to the boat after Hoolie was panting  and with his slow walking. At the dog park I felt a couple drops of rain, but it didn't rain I think it might tonight. The wind felt good on a hot morning, Hoolie was probably too with his fur. I watched TV and wrote a tiny, tiny bit  in my book that I am working on. We are having this honey roasted chicken for dinner that sound pretty good so, so long my fellow readers of my amazing day that was so interesting, not really, bye! Sarah

The area does allow Hoolie to run and stretch his legs, he ignores the other dogs, he just wants to run
Due to the Florida sun, the teak has to be recoated every two months. I use Semco Goldtone since it gives a natural appearance to the teak, just like freshly sanded teak, it suits me but personal tastes/ vary. The recoating takes about 15 minutes at most with a microfiber cloth dipped in the Semco and rubbed into the teak rail. The microfiber cloth doesn't drip all over your deck but does allow the Semco to transfer onto the wood nicely. 

Sarah was a big help in polishing the stainless steel rails and then we were done for the day. On Wednesday I pick up the car that we'll have for the next two months for our trip home and back. Then it's a very busy day getting the car packed with everything we need for the trip north, hard not to forget something but we have a list although that doesn't seem to prevent something from being left behind from past experience.