Monday, November 2, 2015

Titusville - Hot hot hot

A nearby park - no alligators today
This morning I woke up pretty tired, it's probably because of our time change. Nana and I went on a walk this morning I looked for manatees but didn't see any. There is a banana tree here at the marina and it's cool to check if there are bananas on the  tree growing. Then we had breakfast that was some cereal, It is so hot here. After breakfast I did all my school work (ed note: we did 45 min of algebra!), am on page 266 on To kill a Mocking bird,  am getting really close to the end of the book. We even found a movie for my book and we are going to watch it after we finish the book. After that I drew some more boats, I am working on a power boat but with a sail. The problem is how can a sail move a big power boat, I think that am getting better at my 3d drawings of my boats. We also did laundry today, I put my clothes away and watched some TV. As I was saying it is really hot we had the AC running almost all afternoon. I played with Hoolie and we are having chicken and broccoli bye.Sarah 

This bird didn't move out of the shade for hours - records are being broken with the heat wave here
I can't remember Titusville ever being this hot. They are setting records down here. Still, laundry calls and was done but boat cleaning will await another day. I had email with Tom Hale who's leading a 27 boat flotilla down the ICW. They are due to go through the famous "S" curve at Brown's Inlet. It consists of two buoys that appear to be off station (not where they're supposed to be) but they are not off station, they are way over on one side of the channel, not in the middle where you would expect them. If you don't thread through them properly, you will go aground. Just to make things more interesting, one of the buoys is missing! There's a TowBoat US conveniently waiting for that eventuality right nearby, that's how they make their living. I expect to hear from Tom Tuesday on how they made out.

The first appearance of a manatee, Sarah is busy tracking 
It was too hot to take Hoolie over to the dog park. In fact, there were no dogs over there at all. Our A/C ran all day and it's running right now. Thank goodness for A/C on a boat. I ordered a new Interstate 4D battery. The marina here has an arrangement with the local Interstate dealer for a display of their batteries so it makes it very easy to order a new one. The only problem is that they weigh about 120 lbs! Getting the old one up and out of the boat and a new one installed is a two man job unless you're a linebacker. I was promised help, we'll see. 

Everybody declared a strike after the temps got close to 90 so only the laundry got done today. However, Sarah still had a full schedule of school work with French, reading (To Kill a Mockingbird) and algebra. No days off for heat here. More boat work Tuesday.