Saturday, November 14, 2015

Titusville - we see a James Bond movie

Titusville is filling up, more so than in the past five years, a sign of a surging economy?
This morning we had a yummy breakfast that started our day. I called my mother since it's Saturday and I read out of my book for fun. Today I saw Mary the manatee enjoying her nice taste of water when the boat next to us was washing their bow of their boat. I had lunch and then Nana and I took Hoolie for a walk. The marina says to walk dogs on the other side of grass near where the train runs through. Then we went out to go get some supplies and Nana and I looked at all the Christmas stuff. After that we went to the movie theater, It was a movie with James Bond the spy in it, not the actor. I like it, it was defiantly action packed with explosions and car chases. It has been a little windy today,    but not very hot. Now I am here writing about my day, so farewell bye. Sarah

The weather continues to be cooler and today there were clouds in the afternoon so it's more like normal Titusville weather in November. We provisioned in the morning at the local Walmart which has a superior grocery section (some Walmarts do not) followed by relaxing on the boat while I watched my Ohio State game. 

You can't wash a boat without seeing one of these guys around slurping up the fresh water
Since I took Sarah to watch The Martian while Ann stayed at the boat (she doesn't like SiFi movies) I took her to the latest James Bond movie this afternoon. It was typical Bond with lots of car chases, things being blown up and a Bond that's immortal, nothing can touch him permanently no matter how improbable.

We let Sarah chose what she wanted to do on Sunday and aside from donuts in the morning, a staple, she wants to see the local zoo so we'll try that out. We've never been there but we've heard it's pretty decent.