Saturday, November 7, 2015

Titusville - We visit Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge

I just love these walkways through the Florida woods
This morning I woke up and we had some pancakes for breakfast. They was really good, today we are headed to Merritt Island animal refuge. We went in are rental car and Hoolie came with us, we went down the path when we got there. There is a pond that had no alligators, but there is a tiny turtle on aboard in the middle his name is Tom. We walked down a little bit and saw lots of tiny lizards their names are Lizzy, Leo, Luca, Luke, London, and Lauren. They all start with 'L' because they're lizards, some of the trees had Spanish moss that looked pretty. There were also a lot of palm trees there that looked pretty, then we went back to the car. There is a nature path that you can go through in a car, we saw lots of birds in the tiny canals. It is so flat there clouds are so beautiful there nice and big, fluffy and light. After that we went to some manatee seeing spots, we did only see their backs. We also saw vultures that were big and ugly. Then we went back to the boat, it has been raining on and off lately. Now am talking to you, we are having shrimp taco's with cabbage, bye. Sarah

They dive for food but they do not have natural oils to expel water, they have to dry off in the sun
Finally, the pumpout problem is solved. I never did get the cap loosened from the deck hardware but I did succeed in getting the old hardware off, cap, fixture and all. I then replaced it with the new ones from Beneteau that were stainless steel, much better than aluminum which can corrode. 

They have all directions covered - no sneaking up
After that we were off to Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge. It's one of our favorite places to visit while in Titusville. It's strategically located at the southern most point of many of the migratory birds and at the northern most point of many of the native birds;.So you are almost guaranteed to see lots of wildlife whenever you tour. However, fall is the best time when the migratory birds are present in the highest numbers. 

Fire is now embraced as needed
The blog will continue until we leave on 11/19 and will resume upon our return on 1/7. In the meantime we'll be up north celebrating the holidays with family. Since we have Sarah with us the blog may continue for awhile so folks back home can keep up with our activities with Sarah. You're invited to tag along as we continue our Titusville adventures. 


Abaco 37 said...

Hi guys,
Abaco Lady here. We'e picked up your wake and are currently in McClellanville. Not sure how far south we might get , but curios of where you are in Titusville. We are looking for holiday boat moorage

Bob423 said...

I didn't realize there was a marina there or a place to anchor? We are staying at the Titusville Municipal Marina for $10/ft for a month's stay which includes free pumpouts, free WiFi that actually works good enough to stream Netflix, a dog park and new commercial washers and dryers ($1.50 for washers, $0.75 for the dryers). We can rent a car over the weekend from Enterprise for a total of $40, Friday pickup, return Monday morning. We like the place.

Abaco 37 said...

Leland Marine has a nice floating face dock, $60 for our 37' and two bags of ice. Walking the town was a treat, Live oak trees, one estimated at 1000 years old.
The shower and toilet wasn't much,