Thursday, November 12, 2015

Titusville - Algebra Day

We have a Flicka in the marina! 
This morning I slept in and it felt good, we had breakfast and then I did my work. I read in my book I am on page 50, I did some algebra too. After my lunch that was after my work I checked my curls on the dock, some times they get lose. I want them to look  fabulous all the time, I recoiled the dingy rope since we untied it yesterday. I coiled it on top of the thick rope attached to the boat coil that I thought looks nice and neat. It's not too hot here with the breeze, but I thought we should have the AC on. Am so used to seeing palm trees I don't know what it will be like when I go home in a week. We took Hoolie to the dog park where I met the pretty German Shepherd and played with the both of them. There weren't that many dogs there, but more came in when we left. After the dog park I played tug a war with Hoolie and read some Calvin & Hobbles. Our lights  in the cockpit look really pretty at night and the sunsets are beautiful here in Florida. We are having honey roasted pork and our fudge stash isn't doing so good, bye! Sarah

A detail of the bow, notice the scroll work inlaid with gold
Yesterday was a day off for Sarah (Veterans' Day) so today we had to make up for lost time in algebra. There's a lot to cover and a lot to understand so I made up a test for Sarah. Home schooling requires a time investment which we're ready to do. In all we spent about 2 hours on algebra in review. Sarah took the test and I graded it and went over the answers with her. 

Then it was a trip to the dog park and Hoolie exercise, running at full tilt for 30 minutes. The weather continues to turn cooler, tomorrow the high is only 81, great - we'll probably go to the beach in the afternoon since we'll have a car again at the $40/weekend rate from Enterprise.  

Coming back from walking the dog tonight I noticed a Flicka at one of the docks. It's a beautiful boat and several have circumnavigated, they are very seaworthy despite their small size. They have beautiful lines and are generally very well built.  

For those interested in what an algebra test looks like for the first quarter of 8th grade, here's the test I gave Sarah. How many can you do?

1) If n is equal to -9, what is the value of the expression n-(n)?
2)  Using the table below:
      Wind speed         Air Temperature (feels like...)
         0 mph          10F     0F     -10F
        10                  -9       -22     -34
        20                 -24      -39     -53
        30                 -33      -49     -64

2a) If the temperature is -10F and the wind is blowing 20 mph, how many degrees colder would you feel?
2b)  How much colder does it feel when the air temp is 0F and the wind is 30 mph compared to an air temp of 0F and at 10F mph?
2c)  Scott when outside when the wind was  blowing 20 mph and the temp was 0F. Ryan was playing outside when there was no wind but the temp was -10F, who felt colder?
4)  Sarah was in debt $52 while Grandpa had $85. If Natalie was in debt $8, what is the total amount of money the three had?
5)  -5 x 5 =
     -5 x -5 =
     -7 x 7n = 
     -6 x -6n = 
     180 ÷ (-2) =
6a)  Sarah's watch loses 0.05 minutes per hour. She set her watch to the correct time at noon on May 5, 2014. What time will her watch read exactly one year later, use 365 days in a year?
6b)  Save as above but now her watch gains 0.05 minutes per hour. 
7a)  If n is a negative number, is the value of n exponent 39 positive or negative?
7b)  If n is a negative number, if the value of n exponent 50 positive or negative?
8)  Find n
     12(8n-4) = 24
     8(n+2) = -16
     6(4n-8) = 72
     38(6n-8) = 1330
     14(6n-2) = 196
     -10(2n-20) = 60
     (2n+4)/10 = (2n-6)/14
     2n/18 = 18/80
     8n/16 = 8-2n
     6n/8 = 18/20
     (2n+4)/10 = (2n-6)/14
10a)  A 20 ft stick casts a 34 ft shadow at the same time a tree casts a 229.5 ft shadow. How tall is the tree?
10b)  A 10 ft stick casts a shadow of 8 ft at the same time Elin casts a shadow of 4 ft 6 inches. How tall is Elin?
10c)  The ratio of sugar to flour in a certain recipe is 5:7. If there is 9.5 cups of sugar to be used, how much flour must be used?
10d)  Luke had $75 in the bank. Jordan had $35. Luke wanted to always have the same ratio of money with Jordan. If Jordan adds $735 to his savings, how much must Luke have in his savings to keep the same ratio?

Isn't algebra fun? It gets much better as we progress and will include geometry, the Pythagorean theorem, scientific notation, roots and much more. I got this stuff in high school, not in the 8th grade.