Sunday, November 15, 2015

Titusville - We visit the Brevard County Zoo

All the exhibits were like this one, small and allowed you to get close
This morning I went to go pick out donuts with Grandpa. They were so good, possibly the best I have ever had, then we decided to go to the Zoo. When we got there it looked really packed full of cars but wasn't that bad. We saw lots of birds when we were in and went down a path. There we saw alligators in the water and on land. We walked on then saw kangaroo and there were baby ones too. There were two pigs like animals that were black and white. We went into this hut that had birds that you get to feed, there was bird seed on this Popsicle stick so the birds came up to us. Then we went into another room where you got this liquid in a cup and they sit on you. There was one time where there was one on my shoulder, two on my other shoulder, one on my head, and a couple on my arm. It was fun to see them everywhere on you, we saw the kangaroos again and an ape like monkey creature, not sure what it's called. Take a look at the video.

Sarah loved to feed the birds
After all that we saw some meerkats in tunnels, on the other side was a big, big, snake. Then we went up to feed the giraffes, on our way we saw white rhinos and two zebras. We saw giraffes but they didn't come up to us so we couldn't feed them. So we walked down another path with monkeys and one had a baby on her back. A couple steps further  and we saw a jaguar  with two little cubs, they were so cute. When we were going back I heard a hello and it was a parrot on a branch, it repeated what you said that was fun. Now we are back and we are all tired so bye. Sarah

Of course, there's always the alligators
We were looking for something a little different to do with Sarah and we found the Brevard County Zoo. We had seen the Bronx Zoo and other so the same size and didn't have high expectations for the local version. We arrived late Sunday morning and found every parking space taken with the overflow lined up on the street outside for 1/2 mile both ways, wow, what's the big attraction we wondered? 

We found the zoo to be very compact with raised wooden trails leading off a central hub. There was a train ride which, of course, we had to take. It gave an overview of the area. We found the big attraction of the zoo was the close contact between the animals and the visitors. You were never very far away, from actual contacts (birds) to 10's of feet at most, usual 5 to 10 ft away. Plus, there were many exhibits where interaction was encouraged between the animals and visitors. In two bird exhibits you could purchase food sticks or nectar cups and the birds would feed by perching on your arm (or head!), sometimes three or four at a time. Sarah thought that part was great fun, we went back twice. They also had a giraffe feeding platform but the giraffe wasn't interested in  treats at the time we were there. 

Well, we had a great time and we all recommend the zoo for a day's outing if you're ever in the area.