Sunday, November 8, 2015

Titusville - To the beach!

Just a beautiful beach, Playalinda
This morning I woke up and helped Grandpa get the donuts, I picked out a maple, cherry,  and raspberry filled. They are the best donuts I ever had, then I looked in the newspaper with the comics. Nana said we can go to the beach, there was a path the went up and down through the sand dunes. The view was great on top, we went wading in the water and I got sea shells. The waters were so pretty, they were a light blue. There were two little cute baby seagulls looking for food, there names are Jem and Scout. They are the characters from my book, then we went  back to the boat. It is hot here but has a gentle breeze that feels good. After some time reading Grandpa and I went to see a movie from the book he read, I liked it. It talked about a man getting left on Mars and how he tries to get back on earth. After the movie we went to the boat, Hoolie was happy to see us. We had sushi for a snack and we are having pulled chicken for dinner bye. Sarah

Even had time for a little algebra: 2n + 5 = 15, what's n? (very simple)
Sunday is always donut day in our house and especially with a grandkid onboard! Luckily, there's an excellent donut shop nearby, Donuts R Us with a good variety of fresh donuts of all kinds, much better donuts than Dunkin Donuts. Sarah, of course, wanted to go with me to be sure I picked out the best ones. 

Today we decided a beach day was in order. The nearest beach is Playalinda which is part of the Canaveral Seashore which is free if you have a Golden Passport (65 or older). It's many miles long and mostly uncrowded since it is so big. The only trouble is the heat. It's hotter here than when we vacationed in Ocean City New Jersey in August! We didn't bring a beach umbrella and the sun was deadly so the next time we'll have one. 

If you're on a beach, then you've got to collect seashells
I took Sarah to see The Martian. I read the book which I enjoyed greatly and always wanted to see the movie and got my first chance this afternoon and with a willing crew member, Sarah. If you haven't seen the movie yet, you ought to, it's outstanding. It's all scientifically based and nothing like Gravity which had Hollywood science throughout or worse yet, Interstellar. I have to return my $10/day car Monday morning but we'll rent a car again next weekend and hopefully the heat wave will have passed by then.


eherlihy said...

I just caught up with your blog. Regarding the pump out cap; one trick that I have used is to apply a mix of DOT 3 brake fluid, and Automatic Transmission Fluid. You likely have ATF aboard for your transmission. An issue with PB Blaster is that it attacks rubber seals, and O rings.

Glad to read that you got the situation resolved.

Bob423 said...

I didn't know that about PB Blaster, I'll be more careful using it around seals in the future.

Anonymous said...

The National Park Senior Pass is available to those who are age 62 and older.