Friday, November 13, 2015

Titusville - Another beach day

At the beach in November - you've got to love Florida
This morning we had breakfast and then I did my school work. I read out of my book about a horse am on page 71, I also did algebra that was good. In French we did the months that are hard until you get to September, then it gets easier. After my work we went to the beach, we also got another new rental car for this weekend. I went to play in the sand first and made a wall to try to block the wind. The water is almost at a light blue, there is a lot of sand  and then it gets deep in the water. I sat in the water and watched the waves splash against me, I did that for a while. Then I got out for a snack and I saw a  jellyfish, Nana says that it's a  Moon jellyfish. The wind was blowing so much I made a sail with my towel. Then we went back to the boat after I taught Nana some algebra in the sand. I don't know what my mom is going to think that am in my swim  suit and she in her heavy coat up north. When we came back we got a big welcome from Hoolie and took him to the dog park. I threw the ball for him and the German Shepherd there that I play with when ever he's there. After that we went back to the boat, there we saw a heron with net around his beak, no one we called could help. So hopefully he gets it off some how, I named him Brave. Now here I am tired with all the action that we did, so good bye. Sarah 

I picked up the car this morning for another $10/day rental over the weekend. There was another couple waiting for a pickup that said they were told there were no cars available. I had made my reservation a week in advance to be sure of getting a car. Upon reaching the Enterprise dealership, I learned that every car they had was rented out. So if you're ever in Titusville and want a car for the weekend, don't wait until the last minute to make your reservations. 

Cold?, Naw, just relaxing in the ocean
The weather was more like we expected in November in Titusville with a high near 80 and full sun. With that forecast we decided on a day at the beach. It's only about 12 miles to the Atlantic beach from hear so off we went. I have a Golden Passport card which gets me and whoever is in the car into the park for free, we've used it twice this month so far. The beach is impossible to be crowded since there's so much room, miles and miles of beach area. We picked out a spot, set the umbrella and chairs and watched as Sarah enjoyed the water and waves. She seemed immune to getting chilled from the water and 12 mph winds blowing, she played for hours.

Sadly, the Heron has netter across his beak
She found the time to give Nana an algebra lesson. Nana got the first problem Sarah drew up but messed up on the second problem. Sarah then showed Nana what to do to get the right answer. Sarah knows her stuff. 

It was then back to the boat and the dog park for Hoolie who held down Fleetwing in our absence. On Saturday we're headed to provision some more, I'll watch my Ohio State football game and then we'll see the latest James Bond movie, a full day is planned.