Monday, November 9, 2015

Titusville - We get new lights for the cockpit

Here comes the front!
This morning I woke up with no noise at all, I figured they have started out. I looked up and saw Nana's way to her walk, I knew she turns around and walks back past the dock so I met her there. I finished half of a walk and then we eat breakfast. Then I started my school work and finished by lunch time, I did some questions for reading today about my book. I had lunch then went up stairs to feel the breeze, the people next to us had left this morning. What's really annoying is all the birds dirtying up are deck after we washed did some time ago. When they are on the wires to the sail, you hit it and the vibration makes then go poop some where else. Then we took Hoolie to the dog park, he was pulling so much in excitement I felt my arm was coming off. I threw the ball for him and there was a ice cream cone ball that he liked a lot. When he was really tired we headed back to the boat, I have to say the trip back was a lot easier. Then we put up some lights in the cockpit they look really nice and pretty, I can't wait to see them when it gets dark. There was a big fishing boat that came in on the dock behind us, it actually backed in really smoothly. Now am here writing about my very excited day, well kind of, bye. Sarah

Hoolie gets the most out of  the dog park, full speed ahead, all the time
We're going to be away from the boat for close to two months. During that time you do not want to lose power if you have anything in the freezer. A couple of years ago, that's just what happened. We lost power for some unknown reason and the freezer ran down the batteries (we have a 12v compressor for the refrigerator). Returning to the boat, we found the freezer in terrible shape - I won't go into the details but food does spoil and nature has a way of getting rid of spoiled food... So for the last two years I've bought inexpensive lights to put in the cockpit so the marina personnel who walk the docks every day and see whether or not I have power. This year I bought rope lights, the kind you see often at Christmas and plugged them in. They provide good light for holding a conversation at night in the cockpit and serve the dual purpose of alerting the dockhands if the power is out to my boat. 

We are all looking forward to a cool front coming through tonight so the lows will be in the 60's Wednesday night. We've had enough of the hot weather. It did cool enough to take Hoolie over to the dog park. Once there, he runs at full speed all the time, no idle. Sarah does the exercising by throwing the ball which Hoolie finds irresistible. No matter how much he's out of breath, he chases that ball. 



Fred Brillo said...


From life long Floridian, this autumn has been unseasonably warm... BUT that said, if you think its hot today, come back in August!