Thursday, January 7, 2016

Back in Titusville!!

We made it back!
Lots of family get togethers but it sure was cold! Our blood has really thinned out and when we left for our trip south the temperature was only 5 above! It sure felt cold to us. But we had lots of fun with family but did participate in the northern experience of flu. We did have flu shots but still caught the affliction although for us it only lasted three days. Others in the family suffered a longer bout, up to a week or more. 

One very sad part was that Sarah came down with the flu shortly before we had to return to Fleetwing. She did not have a flu shot before hand and the flu turned into pneumonia with a high fever and a wicked cough. She's still in Connecticut and will come down with the rest of the family when they visit us in Key West. She was very, very disappointed but nothing could be done. We took it easy and made the trip south in three days with good traveling weather. 

Ann with Larry Leonard
We were surprised by a visitor that followed our blog down the ICW and was one to two weeks behind us. He appreciated our postings on Active Captain. I'm meeting more and more cruisers this way that seek us out when they know we're in the area. It's fine with me, come over and say "Hello" when you get the chance.  

Here in Titusville, it's currently 70F at 7:20 pm, nice. We plan on leaving on Tuesday, taking the time to clean the boat (birds!) and replace the zinc. Meanwhile, you might want to look over the Pages section which I've updated while in New York mainly focussed on how to get the house ready for an extended absence. I wish I could say that the list I came up with was from careful thought and planning, unfortunately, that is not the case. The list is a compilation of everything that I did wrong and later found out what I should have done, learn by doing. It's better than "not learning by doing" I guess. 


Anonymous said...

Craig and Lisa on s/v second spree. Thank you for your help on active captain! My hubby uses your help and advive constantly down the icw....third time! Thank you!

Bob423 said...


I g,ad you find the blog and my postings useful. I try posting at every Active Captain hazard marker.