Thursday, November 5, 2015

Titusville - Frozen caps

Last year we saw an alligator sunning in this exact spot - will the bird be here tomorrow?
This morning I woke up and we went on a walk, the bananas are still green. The dog park was a little full but not many, when we came back we saw a guy fishing right by the sign that says no fishing. I was a little upset I have to say, and annoying when he probably read the sign. It is still hot out so I spend most of my time down in the AC, I read To Kill a Mockingbird after breakfast that was cereal. I have about 28 pages to go to finish the  book, I am hoping to finish the book tomorrow so we can watch the movie. There is this package I've been waiting for from my mom, it has candy and other do-dads that I don't know of. So when I am doing my French Grandpa brings in a big box inside was movies, a book, candy, fuzzy socks, Halloween do-dads, some leaves from home, and some tops. I was so excited, after my work I did the Lego set I forgot to say that my mom got me, it is a pizza place with a stove. Also there was a snicker doodle bar mix, if you didn't know it's my favorite cookie, Nana and I made through this afternoon. It smelt so good in the oven when I was playing with my Legos. We took Hoolie to the dog park and there was one other dog, he ran so fast and was tired so fast. When we walked back to the boat I saw a pineapple in the water, that was weird since there not native here. Now am talking to you farewell, so long, and bye. Sarah

Oh joy! A package from home!
I bought some PB Blaster which is the best stuff around for freeing stuck bolts and nuts on the advice of a reader of the blog. I had used it at home and knew it was good, I just had none onboard until today. Twice I applied it to the pump out screw cap and twice I was unable to move anything. The caps are made of aluminum which was never a good idea. I had plenty of leverage with the winch handle and a cheater bar but I still could not move the screw cap but the winch did move, chewing up the aluminum cap. So I soaked it some more and will try again tomorrow. If all attempts fail, then the replacement pumpout fittings are due to arrive on Friday. I just do not look forward to getting the old fittings off since I'm sure they will be glued down tight to the deck and have aged well over the past 11 years! 

A view of "A" dock, the best protected of the docks
Most of the mornings are taken up with home schooling Sarah. We are now in negative numbers in algebra. We spend about 45 to 60 minutes a day during the week on math. Ann covers the other subjects. It makes for an interesting day and we make good use of the A/C. 

On Friday we get the car for the weekend for $40 including all taxes from Enterprise. It's time for provisioning and seeing the sights. However, I have to either get the pumpout fittings working by either unscrewing the ones we already have or installing new ones. The pumpout day is Saturday so I expect a long day Friday.