Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Titusville - The banana tree

Bananas on our banana tree in the marina by our gate
This morning I slept in so I didn't get to walk, today I have no school and I am looking forward to it. We had breakfast and then I read out of my new book about a horse. I hit the wires so the bird will fly away and they have pooped a lot on the deck. It is hot here but we have a very nice breeze that is almost the coolest day we have had. We had lunch, then Nana and I started to draw a little. I did a bird on a mast and that didn't come out very well and Nana did a landscape with trees reflecting in the water. After that Grandpa and I put some extra ropes to keep the boat nice and sturdy for the winter. I went in the dink so we could get close to the pilling, I tied a knot to the boat so we wouldn't drift away. After Grandpa felt happy with the set up we went to the dog park. There was only Hoolie in the big dog part, but there were about ten little dogs in their part. I threw the ball until Hoolie was tired, the sun is really bright this time of day. Now I am here with you, so goodbye we will meet again bye. Sarah

We have just one tree, right by the parking spaces
It was 76 this morning, much cooler and it never got much above 80 all day. Ann even closed up the cockpit when the temps dropped to 77 this afternoon, it's 76 now, downright cool. So we continue getting the boat ready for our extended absence. The storms that stress the boat come out of the east so we requested a dock with the finger between us and the harbor opening. That way when the storms come, the winds will push us away from the dock and not into it. Even with that arrangement we use rubber stretchers on the aft lines to lessen the stress on the cleats. Sarah was a big help. 

As usual for Florida, lots of flowers this time of the year
Having set the boat up, we did our daily walk over to the dog park and Hoolie as usual ran and ran. On the way is the marina banana tree. It even has bananas although they are not ripe yet, small and green so far. Apparently, they can grow successfully this far north in Florida. It's a clear night and we're looking forward to our first night below 70 since we arrived. This is the Florida weather we remember from past trips south.