Friday, November 6, 2015

Titusville - The rains come and we provision

The clouds are marching by, some with rain
This morning I woke up a little late, well late enough to miss our walk, but that was ok. I don't know why I was so tired, we had breakfast and I read my book. I finished my book and now we are hoping to watch the movie tonight and I did my vocab. Today is the day that we go shopping, Grandpa got the rental car that is tiny and bright red. After shopping we headed back for lunch, then we went to go get fresh grapefruit and fudge. Their fudge is so good, then we went back after a quick trip to a supplies store. It is hard getting all the things we got on the boat, we opened a window on deck and passed them down. Hoolie was very happy to see us after two long trips out, when we came in I think I saw Mary and Johnny the manatees. It rained on and off today so it's no surprise the manatees were by the rain pipe part of the marina. I am back here on the boat pretty tired out, so bye. Sarah

The pumpout port is still not fixed. On Saturday it's do or die so I enabled Plan B, a bypass of the frozen cap on the deck. I'll take one last try Saturday morning before the pumpout boat is due at 9:00. Plan A is to loosen the cap with a hammer and punch, Plan B is the bypass, Plan C is a complete replacement of the deck hardware but that's not a 30 minute job. At least that's my thought after 10 years of working on the boat. It always turns out to be more difficult than expected, I've never had it go the other way. 

Most of the rain missed us, it seems to concentrate over the Gulf Stream just off shore
Titusville has a good Walmart for groceries, not everywhere does. Their prices are way below Publix or Food Lion on just about everything, why pay more? We are starting to get a change of weather with rain this morning and we're hoping for cooler weather over the next few days. Sarah gets the weekend off from school and therefore, so do the teachers. That frees up about 6 hours a day. We plan on visiting Merritt Wildlife Refuge on Saturday and perhaps the zoo on Sunday, nice to have a car.


Fred Brillo said...


Id bet that the last time you had that pump out port open the ambient air temperature was considerably cooler than it currently is in Titusville. My guess is that last time it was closed, you closed it reasonably tightly to prevent leakage and now the ambient air temperature is much warmer causing it to expand a bit.

Might I suggest that you try putting some ice on the screw out part for an hour or so to cool it down. Even dry ice...available at Publix supermarket...

Bob423 said...

Sounds like a good idea! However, I was able to get the entire fittings off this morning and replace them with new ones from Beneteau that are polished stainless steel for $47.00 each, within reason, especially for SS. One came off rather easily but one took a lot of effort with a combination of a box cutter blade hammered underneath and a pry bar. Now we're all good to go. Yay!

Bob423 said...

The black water ports Have always been hard to open. In the past I've taken a hammer to the winch handle, not a good practice. I think the environment there is very corrosive for aluminum to aluminum contact. We've had pumpouts coming down the ICW but that was before the extreme hot spells in full sun at Titusville - plus, I surely used too much muscle in tightening the cap last time when it was much cooler.